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"Fry Powder - Oil Stabilizer" and "Magic Filter" are our revolutionary products. These excellent products are indispensable for Deep Frying and Ghee Making. Using Fry powder & Magic filter for frying & ghee making has many benefits.

Saving oil and fuel
  • Saving in oil by 15-20%
  • Faster frying thus saving fuel
  • 15-20% productivity increase
Healthy Environment
  • Reduced smoke/fumes
  • Reduces boil outs thus saving cost of chemicals
  • Better environment
Better Product
  • Upto 50% increased shelf life of product
  • Tastier, Healthier and Better looking fried product
More Ghee Yeild
  • More Ghee yield
  • Ghee with better aroma and colour

Fry Powder - Oil Stabilizer

It is a unique antioxidant adsorbent made up of a blend of Natural perlite Mineral & Citric Acid. This is a Food Grade material and certified as such by USDA, Kosher and Halal.

Available in 3 sizes - 20 gram bottle, 1kg pack and 5kg / 10 kg pack

20 gm bottle for domestic use

1 kg pack for Restaurants/Caterers

5/10 kg pack for Factories

Magic Filter

These are made from a patented imported polypropylene cloth specially treated to withstand high temperature.

It is food grade and removes 99% food crumbs & Fry Powder from hot ghee & oil up to 150º c

Available in 3 sizes : HF/06 Domestic Filter, RF/15 Filter, FF/24 Filter

HF/06 Domestic Filter

RF/15 Filter for Restaurants/Caterers

FF/24 Filter for Factories

To Buy our products - Call or WhatsApp +91 996 710 6706