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About us

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The company

Swami Samartha Oil management Systems

Established: 2013

Mission: “To make frying Tastier, Healthier and Economical in each and every kadhai and fryer.”

Business: Supplier of Miroil USA’s products to snack food industry.

This Oil Management Program plays an important role in bringing about a balance in tasty and healthy eating, particularly in case of fried products.It helps in frying at lower temperature which distinctly reduces toxins that are harmful and simultaneously helps make superior quality fried food.It is a great help for improving environment for the workers and housewives by reducing smoke and fumes in the kitchen.

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Why us

The company boasts of a large number of clientele ranging from household Kitchens, Caterers, Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Joints, Industrial Canteens, Sweet Shops and large snack factories.

Our products save Natural Scarce Resources like Gas, Diesel and also Edible oil which our country imports. Major Amount of Foreign exchange is spent on there.

The use of these products is also good for the environment and health as it reduces toxic smoke & fumes during frying.It also keeps the fryers cleaner thereby reducing use of chemical for cleaning during boil outs.


Swami Samartha Oil Management Systems research team has also discovered the use of Fry Powder and

Magic Filter (which is a part of the New Frying Technology) in making of Pure Ghee which is a huge commercial and domestic activity.

Usage of Fry Powder and Magic Filter in ghee making and deep fat frying will not only provide Healthy and Tasty food, but will also reduce the consumption of fuels and edible oils and ghee thus saving valuable foreign exchange for the country.

It will also create a better environment by reducing toxic fumes and lesser use of detergents and chemicals for cleaning fryers after frying.

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